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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who is the fairest flower of them all?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A gift of flowers has long been a popular way to mark any wonderful occasion. And while everyone knows to gift pink peonies to their sweetheart, few may realize an entire language of flowers was created by the romantic early victorians. By attributing a unique definition to each flower, every bouquet delivered has a special meaning.

Peonies are generous flowers. These fluffy long-lasting blooms blossom in the most beautiful colors- from bright white to yellow, coral, and peach, to pink and red. When in season they make a spectacular statement when added to bridal bouquets. Peonies are quite “organized and well-behaved” flowers. It is the most mesmerizing thing to watch their petals ion and progress through an amazingly long life cycle.

On our blog we have been excited to share with you 6 beautiful flowers that pair very well with peonies.

1. White viburnums

2. Narcissus

3. Late tulips

4. Helebores

5. Phalaenopsis Orchids

6. Ranunculus

If you get all these flowers together in a beautiful footed vessel, you will find that you have created a very beautiful arrangement. Just a few tips: Three peonies should be cut and positioned to arch over the vase. Hellebores should be added to nestle between all these wonderful flowers. Some stems of the greens and fillers should be placed at the top of the arrangement and some should arch downward. Walk into any of our boutiques or order the most beautiful peony arrangements online. Our personal favorite is Verismo. The most beautiful vessels can be found at the Bowery Company. Their website is

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