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Flower Style Resolutions 2023

“I do not seek. I find.” Pablo Picasso

Flower Style Resolutions 2023

“I do not seek. I find.” Pablo Picasso

Your intentions for the new year have probably been set. Maybe you've journaled about them or created a vision board on Pinterest - and that's great! By incorporating that energy into your everyday decisions, you'll realize that for each goal you have, whether it's starting a new business, learning a new language, or planning a bucket-list trip, there's a style resolution to help you achieve it. And you know what they say: Momentum is everything!

We have put together 5 things to look out for when picking your favorite FLOWER STYLE this year. 


Flower wraps are becoming more and more essential for luxury packaging. You must pick the correct wrap whether it is solid butter paper or printed paper. You will realize the quality of paper is so essential to elevating the look of your bouquet. Layers and ruffles are still strong for 2023 so make sure your bouquet is endlessly layered with sheet upon sheet of warm cozy wrap. We have given away a little teaser of our brand-new flower wrap from our Valentine's collection- what more could one ask for?


Don’t get it twisted, soft doesn’t mean sloppy. Use upright flowers bell-shaped flowers are a 2016-2020 thing. We are embracing silhouettes like firm and upright fragrant roses and the highest quality ranunculus as well as structure orchids. Don’t forget focal flowers like hydrangeas. Preserved ones are still going to be strong this year.



Our Mini Strawberry Macaron Vanilla Whip is a petite delicacy but if you want to add something extra and take her breath away completely we suggest one of these add ones. (RIMOWA CARRY ON) & Grown Alchemist SUNSCREEN- and something from the all-new collection at level shoes. How about a new pair of Malone Souliers Maureen Mules.


Take this opportunity to refresh the classics by picking a compact style bouquet from the 90s but with an updated palette. What is your most-loved flower? Don’t just look at what’s currently trending on Instagram. Go back to one of your old favs such as the Anthurium


Your definition of fun is exactly that: YOURS. You might pick up a rose, splurge on a fuchsia or celosia, or break it up with some neutrals for a bit. Too far? A violet-colored monochromatic bouquet lets you experiment without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. 

Don’t forget to take excellent care of your flowers with these simple flower instructions:
Trim the stems before arranging your beautiful flowers and putting them in one of BLISS vases collection, And If you want the bloom to last longer, avoid direct sunlight! Lastly, keep your flowers happy by feeding them and refreshing the water frequently.

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